Functional Testing Services


At Test Triangle, we understand the primacy of the functional testing paradigm. We can provide testing solutions to test all of your application’s functionality.

Working with you, we analyze all your business requirements and then can suggest the right testing processes and tools to perform functional testing. Our test engineers have expert knowledge in functional testing, and will employ that knowledge and experience in verifying your business specifications have been implemented in a functionally correct manner.

Functional testing services include analyzing business requirements/user stories, identifying test scenarios, writing up manual test cases to test each individual functional module, executing test cases, reporting bugs, re-testing bugs & running regression cycles.

Test Triangle's functional testing services identify broken links, spelling mistakes, differences between expected (requirements) and actual results, browser compatibility & mobile compatibility issues.

Functional testing is done throughout the software development cycle to identify hidden bugs; using Test Triangle's TOD (Test Outsourcing Dashboard) you can interact with the functional test team to achieve your application quality goals.