ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certificate

ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certificate

ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst - Online Course

Course Fees: €1200 - including exam cost

This practical course is designed for testers wanting to build upon their foundation knowledge and develop their test analysis, design and execution skills.

You’ll learn how to apply testing strategy in real-world situations gaining competency in the techniques essential for test analysis and performing outcome-driven test activities.

Upon completion of this course, you will have all the information needed to successfully sit the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst exam.

Develop the skills needed to understand quality expectations in the business domain and perform effective test activities to meet those expectations.



  • Perform the appropriate testing activities based on the software development lifecycle being used
  • Determine the proper prioritisation of the testing activities based on the information provided by the risk analysis
  • Select and apply appropriate testing techniques to ensure that tests provide an adequate level of confidence, based on defined coverage criteria
  • Determine the appropriate types of functional testing to be performed
  • Provide the appropriate level of documentation relevant to the testing activities
  • Assume responsibility for the usability testing for a given project
  • Effectively participate in formal and informal reviews with stakeholders, applying knowledge of typical mistakes made in work products
  • Design and implement a defect classification scheme
  • Apply tools to support an efficient testing process

Course Content




  • Testing in the software lifecycle
  • Test planning
  • Test progress, monitoring & control
  • Distributed, outsourced & insourced testing
  • Test analyst’s tasks in risked based testing



  • Review preparation
  • Requirements review checklists
  • Use case review checklists
  • Usability review checklists
  • User story review checklists



  • Risk activity
  • Review user stories
  • Review requirements
  • Review use cases
  • Analysis & design activity
  • Concrete & logical test case activity
  • Test execution activity
  • Defect management activity

Test Analysis &


  • Test analysis
  • Test design
  • Concrete & logical test cases
  • Test case creation

Test Implementation &


  • Test implementation
  • Test execution
  • Test tools
  • Defect management

Reporting &


  • Test analysis
  • Test design
  • Concrete & logical test cases
  • Test case creation



  • Equivalence partitioning
  • Boundary value analysis
  • Decision tables
  • Cause effect graphing
  • State transition testing
  • Classification tree
  • Pairwise testing
  • Orthogonal arrays
  • Use case testing
  • User story testing
  • Domain analysis



  • Defect taxonomies
  • Error guessing
  • Checklists
  • Exploratory testing



  • Determining techniques
  • Combining techniques
  • Applying techniques
  • Technique considerations

Testing Software


  • Accuracy
  • Suitability
  • Interoperability
  • Compliance
  • Usability