JAR:Load - Load Testing Tool

JAR:Load allows you to run your applications on real web browsers for full web functional and load testing, or simulated browsers for back-end load and stress testing.

Users have an option to select the test they wants to perform and under the same tool they have the option to choose a test as per their requirements.

Report and script management is a much simpler task for all 5 types of testing. Users can record and execute scenarios on uniformed Load, Back-end Stress, Functional, response, and up-time testing through a single test scenario. This will significantly reduce the effort in analysis and maintenance.

All the tests can be run periodically by scheduling options within the same application for 24/7 response and up-time monitoring.

JAR:Load even supports cloud and “behind the firewall” testing (not interfacing the internet), with the option to monitor your target systems and alert you when things start to degrade.

Performance UI speedy and smooth HTML5 Interface, runs on any device from a desktop to a mobile!

Enterprise Solution Dedicated enterprise service and is free from the limitations with open source tool compatibilities.

LOAD – Simulate an almost unlimited amount of load with real browsers (giving true load through the execution of your target’s JavaScript and AJAX).

BACK-END STRESS – Simulate back-end loading through HTTP stress and response testing, with extensive server-side monitoring.

FUNCTIONAL – Ensure your web site actually works, not just the back-end.

Check for breakages in the UI, ensure JavaScript features work and guarantee in-depth operation.

RESPONSE – Instantly understand the responsiveness of your website and track it over time.

UP-TIME – With 24/7 monitoring JAR:Load will test that your web system is up and running.

ANALYSIS – Extensive analysis through charts, graphs, comparisons, transaction and deep dive virtual user information.

JAR:Load – Immensely reduces the cost for customers. Costs such as tool ownership, staff and infrastructural costs which would be incurred if you opt for any open source tools, are reduced when you use JAR:Load.

With no complex licenses JAR:Load opens up the world of true Enterprise load testing to the widest range of potential customers and clients.

JAR:Load is backed up with an extensive support network with both on-line knowledge based help systems, and conservative support facilities such as e-mail and phone with guaranteed response times.

The latest updates on JAR:Load and user statistics are presented to users in a simpler way by means of a dashboard in JAR:Load. The dashboard will be available for the user every time he logs into JAR:Load. The following details will be listed under the dashboard:

  • Information on JAR:Load scheduled downtime for maintenance
  • Latest information on any current issue that will affect the system
  • The number of virtual users in use,
  • The number of virtual users not in use
  • The number of test plans in use
  • The number of test plans scheduled
  • Login session information
  • Overview of number of projects
  • Links to support documentation, forums and Contact Us


Test Triangle is an official partner with Jar Technologies and provide support and services for JAR:Load.

If you would like to discuss implementing Jar:Load, or the features further please contact us.