Mobile Application Testing Services

Test Triangle provides expert testing services for mobile applications: we offer app testing services on multiple mobile devices and operating system combinations. We use automation tools to speed up the testing across different devices & OS combinations. Our app testing services follow a step-by-step process to provide you with the following leading app testing services:

1) Analyze app testing requirements

2) Define & automate test cases 

3) Install app on different mobile devices & operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.)

4) Run automated test cases simultaneously across mobile devices 

5) Report mobile app compatibility issues 

6) Regression testing 

Using our Test Outsourcing Dashboard (TOD), you can publish your app testing requirements, provide instructions, manage your app testing team, receive bug reports in real-time, fix defects and upload the new build through TOD, so we can carry out regression testing. TOD provides a complete overview of your app's status including milestone statuses.

As people's use of mobile devices continues to increase, it's important to test for mobile compatibility and functional issues across different mobile devices and operating systems. Test Triangle uses real devices to executing test cases for your mobile application.

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