MySQL Database Class

Looking to learn about MySQL or relational databases, or to improve your MySQL query knowledge? Our MySQL Database training course is a tutorial-style class aimed at people looking to learn more (or simply to learn!) about databases - from setting them up on your PC, to running queries and complex joins.

We study and use the extremely popular MySQL database in the class, as it is so prevalent in today's IT, and is free to use and install. The MySQL syntax you will learn in this class is extremely similar to all other SQL languages, such as MSSQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Database Course Details:

This 4-hour course covers everything from a general introduction to databases to writing complex MySQL queries. Our tutor has worked in software development for over 14 years, as well as IT tutor and instructor, helping to create a compelling and interesting class, with many opportunities for questions and answers from someone with a deep knowledge of databases.

The course content is as follows:

1. Databases overview and introduction
2. SQL SELECT Statements
3. SQL Functions
4. INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE Statements
5. GROUP BY Statements
6. Inner and Outer Joins
7. Database Views
8. SQL Sub-Queries
9. REGEXP and Find and Replace
10. Data Backups and Dumps
11. Importing Data From Excel
12. Database Indexes

When, Where and Course Fee:

Get in touch today ( or call us) for future class dates and course fees. Usual class size limit is 8 people, so contact as soon as you can to secure your place!

The class is usually held in our offices in Suite 4 Plaza 256, Blanchardstown Corporare Park 2, but we can also offer the course on a 1:1 basis online (live using Skype), at a time that suits you.