Performance Testing Course: Apache JMeter

Duration: 2 days

Scheduled Start Date: Call us for dates

Fee: €1,000 per person

Enrollment: Please click here to enroll, once we receive your details a PaypPal invoice will be sent to you.

Note: We can also offer classroom-based course in Ireland depending upon the number of participants. Please call us for more details.

Performance Testing Fundamentals:

  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Performance testing concepts: Stress, Load, Endurance
  • Why use Jmeter?
  • Ramp-up period
  • Thread groups


Managing Performance Testing Project:

  • Identify test environment
  • Identify acceptance criteria
  • Test Execution
  • Key mathematical principles for performance testing
  • Performance test reporting fundamentals
  • Working with various stakeholders


JMeter Basics:

  • JMeter installation and configuration
  • Introducing JMeter GUI
  • Create a basic Test Plan
  • Introducing various elements in JMeter
  • Executing tests with various configurations
  • Reading test results


Simulate Dynamic User Behaviors:

  • Submitting Forms (handling checkboxes, handling radio buttons, file uploads, file downloads)
  • Generating data
  • Extracting response
  • Use of regular expressions extractors


Building Test Plans:

  • Building an advance web test plan


Building a FTP Test Plan:

  • Building a Database test plan


Managing Sessions:

  • Managing Sessions with Cookies
  • URL re-writer



  • Use of timers in a test plan
  • Introduce various timers available in JMeter


JMeter Components:

  • Logical Controllers
  • Listeners
  • Config Elements
  • Assertions
  • Post and Pre processors


Resource Monitoring:

  • Basic Server Monitoring


Analyzing and Interpreting Load Test Results:

  • Running tests for long durations
  • Response time graphs
  • Analyzing results
  • Interpreting statistical results
  • Finding the bottlenecks

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