Performance Testing Course: HP Loadrunner

Duration: 2 days

Scheduled Start Date: Call us for dates

Fee:€1,500 per person

Enrollment: Please click here to enroll, once we receive your details a PaypPal invoice will be sent to you.

Day 1

  • Performance testing concepts and benefits
  • Commonly conducted Performance testing types
  • Understanding Performance requirements
  • Creating a sample Performance test plan
  • Various LR components


  • Install Loadrunner VuGen
  • Overview of Virtual User Generator
  • Understanding VuGen layout
  • Sample web script
  • Measuring Transaction Response Times
  • Hands-on Experience

Day 2

  • Create a new web script
  • Using different data
  • Parameterization Concept
  • Correlation Concept
  • Automatic Correlation


  • Manual Correlation
  • Controller Overview
  • Analyzer Overview
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Revision