Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of repetitive and decision-based tasks. It is the best-fit technology for improving the business performance with high efficiency and accuracy. Nowadays, several industries are automating their back-office operations and business processing units with RPA technology. With this technology, robotic machines (bots) work just like any other human being. The advantage of RPA technology is that it can work on user interactive interfaces. Onboarding RPA bots have several benefits such as significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of the business processes.

Test Triangle offer RPA-enabled solutions which can eliminate several monotonous processes across HR, finance, manufacturing and customer support. We offer cost-effective RPA deployment services, which are customized according to the clients’ requirements.

Benefits of RPA technology

Besides the aforementioned benefits in efficiency and cost, there are several other RPA benefits:

  • Reduces duplication and human-caused errors, which highly improves efficiency
  • BOTS can easily be programmed to accommodate changes in the business process
  • BOTS are equipped with digital data processing and have the ability to work incessantly
  • There is no need for integrating RPA with other systems of the organization

Our Services

Test Triangle offers a comprehensive range of RPA services, which can be used at any point of time during RPA implementation.

RPA Consulting

Test Triangle offers RPA consulting services wherein we provide end-to-end consulting for RPA deployment. A simple business process is followed wherein the client’s business model is studied and most valuable processes are selected for automation. The selection of the business process is based on various factors such as information flow, decision algorithm and potential benefits of automation.

Our consultants have expertise on latest RPA tools and technologies:

  • Blueprism
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Uipath

RPA Development

During the RPA deployment, Test Triangle creates RPA governance framework by which a robust and error-proof solution can be created. We abide by the quality standards throughout the complete process of RPA deployment.

RPA Implementation

We have proven experience in designing the automation framework and have the right team to carry out end-to-end automation process. Our solutions are developed around the business objectives of the client. The RPA system is deployed by configuring the solution with the other IT system. User acceptance testing is conducted to analyze the compatibility of the system before the final system deployment.

Our Approach to RPA implementation

Developing a Business Case

RPA implementation requires a thorough investigation of the business processes of the client, current requirements, infrastructure and the potential for RPA adoption. A business case is designed regarding the potential benefits of RPA deployment and a roadmap which shows the know-how of the automation process.

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept is created to show the feasibility of the RPA transformation process. In this, RPA development team is formed, and the overall transformation process is outlined.  The proof of concept contains all the information required for the successful RPA implementation.


The business processes, which require automation, are selected and a solution is created according to the RPA best practices.


The RPA processes are integrated within the organization so that the human workforce and the bots can work hand-in-hand to meet the organization’s objectives.

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