Security Testing Services


Test Triangle offers security testing services to different verticals, including banking and financial industries, retail, insurance and IT industries.

In today’s emerging technological marketplace, everyone understands the importance of the security of their software applications and the protection of invaluable customer data. All too often we hear about data loss and security issues at various global corporations.

Reliability, security and software quality are very closely related. Fault in the software can be exploited by intruders to open security holes. With the vast growth of the Internet, security problems in software have been growing more and more and its severity is increasing.

We offer a threat modelling service, whereby we analyse and test your software for known threat vectors, and combine the results into a prioritized and actionable report.

Our software security testing cover the following areas:

  • Penetration testing
  • Network and port scanning
  • Authentication and authorization exploits
  • Cross-site scripting exploits
  • Session hijacking
  • DNS poisoning