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Do you have what it takes to be a Test Triangle Partner? Do you find yourself constantly thinking of ways to improve your customers' application quality and performance, automate test activities to cover a broad range of environments (mobile/desktop)? If you said yes, then sign up to our partner programme to recommend our application test outsourcing services through TOD (Test Outsourcing Dashboard). 


Why Join? 

  • If you are in application development services, partnering with us benefits you by bringing in expertise in the application testing domain
  • We offer an attractive partner commission on the leads you generate
  • You become affiliated with one of the fastest growing enterprise application testing services companies 


Partner Benefits 

  • Attractive commission of 20% on business leads 
  • We provide training and expert knowledge transfer on application testing activities
  • We will send you marketing material (t-shirts, brochures) to promote application testing services through TOD
  • We participate in joint marketing events to promote TOD


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