Zendesk - Help Desk System


Everything Organized in One Place for Better Customer Service with Zendesk

Test Triangle is an authorized Zendesk Partner for the UK and Ireland. Test Triangle has partnered with Zendesk to help provide your customers with a great IT helpdesk. Test Triangle helps you plan, design and execute  helpdesk system from Zendesk.

Zendesk is the best SaaS helpdesk software for customer service. Zendesk’s helpdesk is suitable for any company that wants to improve its customer services - no matter the size or industry sector. Zendesk software is extensively used in IT, Education, Retail/e-Commerce and Professional Services. Any company that uses .NET technology to interact with their customers can use Zendesk to provide support to these customers.

Test Triangle offers solutions to customize your Zendesk Helpdesk system to integrate with your project management tools (JIRA) and CRM tool  (Salesforce).


Zendesk Products

Inbox – Team Email

Inbox by Zendesk lets your helpdesk teams manage emails together. Sometimes emails get bounced around several people on an issue, Inbox makes sure none of these emails get lost. With inbox your team’s emails are organizes so there is no question about ownership. Email can be assigned to yourself or delegated to a team member. All team members can leave internal notes on an email thread. Your support team can talk amongst themselves and come to a consensus before you reply. Team members can watch a conversation to make sure that all loose ends are resolved.


Zopim Live Chat – Zendesk Chat App

Zopim allows live chat between customers and service desk agents. Zopim means that customers can receive instant support from a service desk agent.  Using tools such as shortcuts and chat transfer, your agents are easily able to manage multiple conversations with customers. A customer lands on your website and instantly you will know who they are, what they are looking at, and if they need help. Agents are able to chat with each other when a customer issue arises. This allows the team to manage the chat queue and ensure customers are getting the best care they can from your helpdesk system. Support teams can resolve customer issues seven times faster using live chat instead of email.


Zendesk Voice

To make high quality phone support easy for everyone, Zendesk built a call center into their IT helpdesk. You select the number, set your business hours, and the phone queues for your customers. Select which teams receive calls, personalize how you greet customers, and turn voicemails into tickets. Since this plugs directly into any existing call center or phone support software you have, there is no need to invest in PBX infrastructures and VOIP phones.


Zendesk Embeddables

Zendesk’s iOS and Android SDK’s allows developers to easily embed Zendesk functionality into native mobile applications. Zendesk Embeddables are now available for all customers on the customer service platform. It’s a solution that enables organizations to build support desk functionality directly into their mobile and web applications.


Zendesk Apps

Use Zendesk Apps to provide better support to your customers. If you need additional functionality then there is an app in the Zendesk Marketplace that will achieve this for you. There are over 100 different apps in the Zendesk Marketplace.


Zendesk Help Center

Zendesk Help Center is a knowledge base, community, and customer portal, which you tailor to your customers’ needs. Zendesk Help Center features a new community section where customers can participate in conversations with each other. The most trending questions are highlighted to the customers in the entire community. There is no need for customers to raise tickets and wait in line if they don’t have to; easy to design with just a few easy clicks.


Zendesk Reporting Capabilities

Insights allows to drill down into you reports so you can gain a much better understanding of your customer service data. With Insights you can identify pain points more easily, and ascertain what is causing the problem. Generate reports, and automate them, so that the correct people can be notified of what is causing the problem, and what areas need to be improved upon.


Features and Benefits of Zendesk

  1. All the data tracked by Zendesk (chat, email, Facebook, Twitter) is used to assess the team’s performance and even compare with industry standards.
  2. A secure, reliable, and scalable solution that will meet the demands of your growing business.
  3. Support your customers across any communication channel including web, email, chat, and social media.
  4. Zendesk integrates with top online business tools, including CRM solutions like Salesforce.com, or issue tracking applications like Atlassian JIRA. Now you can finally close the loop between support and other departments in your company without any complications of managing and syncing data.
  5. Your customers will appreciate for having a single point of contact to get help for their issues through Zendesk.

If you are planning to implement Zendesk tools or looking for Zendesk licenses then Test Triangle is the right point of contact for you in the UK and Ireland. We are always happy to help you.