About us

Originally founded in 2012 Test Triangle has grown rapidly to become a leading independent IT consultancy, providing application test outsourcing, DevOps, niche IT resourcing/staff augmentation and training services across the globe. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with other offices in London, United Kingdom and Hyderabad, India, our team has grown exponentially to 200+ across our testing, DevOps, training, sales, marketing, and recruitment divisions globally.

Our mission as ‘Trusted Partner in IT Consulting’ is to exceed the requirements of our clients through, providing insightfully tailored services and adding value to their business operations. As an extremely customer-centric and agile company, we constantly adapt our software testing, application lifecycle management, and other services to meet the needs of our customers to be faster, more efficient and reliable. Through our global workforce, we are able to meet extremely tight deadlines, working around the clock to deliver a project if needed.

Application Testing / Software QA Services

Test Triangle provide the following services in the software testing domain:

Managed Testing Services (MTS) - through our Test Outsourcing Dashboard (TOD)

TOD allows you to manage your dedicated testing team through the lifecycle of your application testing / software QA project. Manage your team using our integrated collaboration tools – email, live chat, and video conferencing. Our unique self-service testing platform (the premium version will soon be available as a SaaS solution), offers a complete overview of your project and provides you with real-time status updates. As soon as a bug is reported, users are immediately notified, and by clicking on the bug within the TOD interface, you will be immediately redirected to our defect tracking tool.

We provide the following types of testing services, Test Automation, Mobile Application Testing, Functional Testing, Localization Testing, Security Testing, Load Testing, and UAT via TOD (both on- & off site):

Test Consultants –Test Automation Engineers, Performance Engineers (Load Testing), Functional Test Engineers, Security Test Engineers.

IT Consultants – We serve clients through IT consultancy & development resources in SAP, Java, .NET and Application Support

Training – Test Triangle is an ISTQB accredited training provider, offering an ISTQB Certification Course in software testing, and other training programmes in test automation and performance testing.

As a proud member of the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association, we partner with the following technology and services providers:

Atlassian Gold Partner

Our experienced in-house consultants offer the following services for the entire Atlassian product suite worldwide:

  • Consulting and Support Services
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Custom Development
  • Performance Tuning
  • Atlassian Hosting
  • Training – JIRA, JIRA Agile, Confluence, JIRA Service Desk, Stash, Bamboo, Git, etc.
  • SVN to Git Migration
  • Continuous Integration Services using Stash, Bamboo & Git

Test Triangle is also a partner with Tempo. We can install Tempo Timesheets for time tracking in JIRA, and FOLIO for project and portfolio financial management in JIRA.

Zendesk Expert Partner

As official Zendesk Expert Partner, a globally leading service desk solution, we offer the following services:

  • Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Customisation
  • Training
  • Support Services

JAR Technologies

Our expertise in load and performance testing enables us to offer these services using JAR:TestLab, a leading all-in-one platform for on-demand load, stress & functional testing and monitoring. Through JAR:Emulate, our clients can also benefit from predictable infrastructure performance - whether you want to emulate point to point links with latency and bandwidth throttles or simulate complex data centres with multiple gateways.