ISTQB Foundation Certification

ISTQB Foundation Certificate - Online Course

Our certified ISTQB Testing Foundation Exam Course teaches you the knowledge and understanding of software testing needed to pass the ISTQB Testing Foundation Exam. This is an online course - once you've paid the course fee, we will send you out a voucher code to register with our online portal to take the ISTQB Foundation e-Learning module.

Course Information:

  • Total Course Fee is €725 (including exam)
  • Exam is conducted every two months at our offices in Ballycoolin, Dublin.
  • Exam carried out by external invigilator

Fee: €725 including examination cost

Exam Date: TBD (Location: Suite 4, Plaza 256, Blanchardstwon Corporate Park 2, Ballycoolin)

Testing Fundamentals

  • Why is testing necessary?
  • What is testing?
  • General testing principles
  • Fundamental test process
  • The psychology of testing

Testing Throughout the Lifecycle

  • Software development models
  • Test levels
  • Test types - the targets of testing
  • Maintenance testing

Static Techniques

  • Reviews and test process
  • Review process
  • Static analysis by tools

Test Design Techniques

  • Test conditions and designing test cases
  • Categories of test design techniques
  • Specification based or black-box techniques
  • Structure based or white-box techniques
  • Experience based techniques
  • Choosing test techniques

Test Management

  • Test organization
  • Test planning and estimation
  • Progress monitoring and control
  • Configuration management
  • Risk and testing
  • Incident management

Tools Support for Testing

  • Types of test tools
  • Effective use of tools: potential benefits and risks
  • Introducing a tool into an organization

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