JIRA Training

JIRA Essentials Training Overview

Test Triangle is an official Atlassian Expert Partner for Ireland and India. We offer Jira Training by Atlassian Autorized Instructor.

The JIRA course provides you with a solid understanding of terminology, the typical tasks performance related, and the JIRA Customization environment. You will also learn how to correctly identify the scope of customization, administration & usage in JIRA.

JIRA Essentials

The JIRA Essentials training course provides the ideal jumpstart for your team to use JIRA more effectively. The material covers all product features from an end-user perspective, and provides a solid foundation for users with all levels of experience, since it explains the most effective ways to use JIRA and some handy tips for getting the most value out of the software. Attendees from this session will become proficient with creating issues, using the workflow, assigning issues to other users, attachments, bulk operations, linking issues, searching for issues, saving searches for later use and setting up a personal dashboard.


  • Product introduction
  • Applications, uses and examples
  • JIRA core concepts
  • Issue creation
  • Workflow walkthrough
  • Project setup
  • Components and versions
  • Tracking issues
  • Filters and subscriptions
  • Using JIRA effectively
  • Setting up dashboards
  • JIRA extensions
  • Discussion with instructor
  • Format
  • What is new in JIRA 7.x

Note: We can also provide training in JIRA Software (Formerly known as JIRA-Agile), JIRA Administration, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence, Bit Bucket (Formerly known as Stash), FishEye and Crucible.