Test Triangle has joined hands with Cricket Ireland to offer a complete range of IT support services to the national governing body.

Test Triangle, an emerging leader in IT consultancy and support services, today announced that it has partnered with Cricket Ireland to support its IT infrastructure and support needs. Test Triangle has previously enjoyed various partnerships with different state-agencies and support their leading edge technology needs. It also has experience in serving a range of industries, including Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Retail, IT and Education

Praveen Madire (Test Triangle) and Dennis Cousins (Cricket Ireland)

In this partnership, Test Triangle will offer compelling value proposition and comfort of managed services. We will help in developing smart IT infrastructure choices, while leveraging advantages of high economy of scale and security.

Praveen Madire, CEO of Test Triangle, said:

“Test Triangle is very proud that we have become the official IT Services Partner for Cricket Ireland. As well as its vast and devoted worldwide following, cricket has a long and distinguished history in Ireland and is growing in both participation and popularity. As a fast growing Irish IT services company ourselves, we hope to utilise our expertise in supporting Cricket Ireland in its mission along with showcasing our own emerging range of leading edge technological services to an expanding Irish and global audience.”

Dennis Cousins, Commercial Director for Cricket Ireland, said:

“The growth of cricket over the last decade has not only been a credit to those within the cricket family, but also to our committed and enthusiastic commercial partners. Today we welcome Praveen and his team from Test Triangle to this group of dedicated supporters.”

“It is crucial with commercial sponsorships to find partners that share common values and can leverage the relationship to mutual benefit. In Test Triangle, we have a team that will bring their core expertise to help sustain and grow our sport.”

The partnership, beginning from February 2019, will be for an initial two-year period.